Useful Abbreviation in Daily English

  1. AAMOF as a matter of fact 
  2. AFAIK as far as I know 
  3. AKA also know as 
  4. ASAP as soon as possible 
  5. BBL be back later 
  6. B/C because 
  7. BITMT but in the meantime 
  8. BOT back on topic 
  9. BRB be right back 
  10. BTW by the way
  11. BSY be seeing you
  12. CWOT complete waste of time
  13. EOD end of discussion
  14. EOT end of transmission 
  15. FAI frequently argued issue 
  16. FAQ frequently ask question 
  17. FITB fill in the blank
  18. F2F/FTF face to face 
  19. FTTT from time to time 
  20. FOS freedom of speech 
  21. FUA frequently used acronyms 
  22. FWIW for what it worth 
  23. FYI for your information 
  24. HHOK ha ha,only kidding 
  25. HHOJ ha ha only joking 
  26. IAC in any case 
  27. IAE in any event 
  28. IC I see 
  29. ICQ I seek you 
  30. ILY I love you 
  31. IMO In my opinion 
  32. IMHO in my humble opinion
  33. IOW in other way 
  34. JIC just in case 
  35. LOL laughing out loud 
  36. NC no response necessary 
  37. OIC oh, I see 
  38. OTOH on the other hand
  39. PLS please
  40. RTM read the manual
  41. SYSOP system operator
  42. THX thanks
  43. TFS thanks for sharing
  44. TIA thanks in advance
  45. TMK to my knowledge
  46. TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge
  47. WB welcome back
  48. WIIWD what it is we do
  49. WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
  50. WRT with respect to
  51. BRB be right back 马上就回来
  52. PMFJI pardon me for jumping in                                             sourse from : Internet

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